Introduction to Lectio Divina

LECTIO 365 through 24/7 Prayer (MP3 audio files)

NOTE: THE FILES BELOW ARE CONVERTED FROM THE ORIGINAL FILES CREATED BY 24/7 PRAYER MOVEMENT AND AND IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CWR. THEY ARE IN PDF FORMAT. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR A WINDOWS PC ONLY- when you select a month below, select a date.  If you want audio to play right click on the date at the top of the page and select “open in separate tab”.  This way you can start the audio and go back to the original tab and read visually as it is read audibly.  AGAIN, COPIED AND CONVERTED FROM THE APPLE VERSION APP TO ENABLE THE USE OF A WINDOWS PC.

February 2020 Month
March 2020
April 2020 Monrh
May 2020 Month
June 2020 Month
July 2020 Month
August 2020 Month
September  2020 Month 1-20

If you have an Apple product or Android follow this link for written and audio LECTIO 365

Dr. Timothy Gray  Lectio Divina (Five Steps to Improving Your Prayer Life) 

Psalms Monthly Reading Plan
A Thirty-Day list of Daily Scriptures to Pray the Psalms provided by Oakhills Church. Each daily reading is linked to Biblegateway.com and will open for you to read the scripture without having to leave the page.  Please feel free to download.

Worship Songs from Psalms by Shane and Shane