The goal of Pray4Healing is to provide resources and teaching on Prayer. The primary teachings are directed toward healing prayer but also included are teachings to help us to listen, learn and pray the way we really feel. It is known as the power of the simple prayer.

In 2004  three medical doctors who believed and taught about the Grace of God and His healing power presented at multiple sessions to introduce “Physicians, Patients, and Prayer”. This was the foundation of the efforts for this site. Here is the story behind the gathering of the Medical Doctors: GOD, HEALING, THE CHURCH, AND ME.

Along with their teaching there is a course called ALPHA ( developed at Holy Trinity, Brompton, a Church of England parish) which can be classified as a “back to basics of Christianity”. One of the sessions is entitled “Does God Heal Today”.  Thankfully the answer is YES.

Here are the links for the presentations by the three medical doctors mentioned above:

Pray and Let God be God  (Dr.’s name withheld on request)

Approaching Prayer in a Medical Setting  Dr. Tom Newman (retired Internal Medicine)

Healing Prayer – On Holy Ground  Dr. Mark Sheehan (retired Cardiologist)

Information and teachings have been obtained from sources of  Protestant and Catholic teachings. The primary sources are from the Alpha Course,  Max Lucado (Author and pastor of Oakhills Church -an evangelical protestant church in San Antonio, TX), Christian Healing Ministries (Directed by Francis MacNutt and Judith MacNutt, which is involved with many denominations and offer a wide variety of teachings and conferences) , and Christian Healing Institute (The Rev. Kathleen Christopher, Anglican Priest from Falls Church, VA.) and also from web sites  such as Thoughts About God. Bible Study Tools has a page available for Bible Verses on Healing. The following are some of the links available on this page: (Bible Verses for Healing and Encouragement)

Recently added is a page dedicated to reading the Bible in One Year.  Commentary is provided by Dr. Doug Resler for most daily readings.  The year 2018 is posted as a reading of the Bible in chronological order.  2019 has now been added which takes us through the Bible in the book order, covering Old Testament, Prophets, the Law, and the New Testament together.   The year 2020 is added month by month and this again is the Bible in chronological order.

Here is a new commentary by Dr. Resler
Meditation on Psalm 121


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