Max Lucado (the following are located under his sermon series)
Before Amen
Have You Prayed About It?
100 Happy People
Anxious for Nothing
Glory Days
What Happens When Grace Happens
You’ll Get Through This
Remember This
Daily Triumph – A Study of Daniel
Unshakable Hope
Alive In Us

Judith MacNutt
Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit 
Healing Our Image of God
Why A Healing Ministry
Healing Ministry and Spiritual Warfare
Sexuality, Parenting, and the Holy Spirit
The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Fr. Terry Donahue
Baptism of the Holy Spirit – It’s Nature and Effect 
Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Historic Experience
Baptism of the Holy Spirit Modern Charismatic Experience
New Evangelization of the Holy Spirit

Prayer Series – Part One
Prayer Series – Part Two
Prayer Series – Part Three
Prayer Series – Part Four

Dr. Tim Gray
Lectio Divina: Five Steps to Improving  Your Prayer Life

John Paul Jackson
Power and Authority

Lee Ann Rummell
Hearing God

Brennan Manning
Healing our Image of God 
Our Call to Participate in the Healing Ministry
The Abba Experience
The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus

Dr. Drew Edwards

Understand Addictions 

John Wimber
Doing the Stuff Jesus Did
Spiritual Gifts
The 5 Step Healing Model
Wimber Personal Pilgrimage

David McCombs
Zambia Mission Trip Testimony

Dr. Bud Sparling
Wrestling with God
Alpha Holy Spirit – Who is the Holy Spirit
Alpha Holy Spirit – What does the Holy Spirit Do
Alpha Holy Spirit – Filling by the Holy Spirit

Bud Sparling Testimony in Holy Spirit Part 3

 Philip Yancey – 
Why Grace
Why Suffering
Rumors of Another World
Why God
Capps Lecture: Suffering and Grace
Four Seasons of a Christian Life
The Jesus Left Behind

John Ortberg 
Who Is This Man
The Kingdom of God

Fr. Dave Pivonka, The Wild Goose (Discovering A Deeper Relationship With The Holy Spirit
God’s Love Poured Out // The Wild Goose – Segment #1
Breath of God // The Wild Goose – Segment #2
Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire // The Wild Goose – Segment #3
The Spirit and Our Lady // The Wild Goose – Segment #4
Gifts of the Spirit // The Wild Goose – Segment #5
The Spirit and the Eucharist // The Wild Goose – Segment #6
The Spirit of Adoption // The Wild Goose – Segment #7
The Spirit and the Sacraments // The Wild Goose – Segment #8
The Fruits of the Spirit // The Wild Goose – Segment #9
The Spirit and the Desert // The Wild Goose – Segment #10
The Spirit Convicts // The Wild Goose – Segment #11
The Spirit’s Freedom // The Wild Goose – Segment #12
The Spirit’s Witness // The Wild Goose – Segment #13
The Spirit Remembers // The Wild Goose – Segment #14

Peter Stur, On Prayer through IN IPSO MINISTRIES
Night One
Night Two
Night Three
Night Four
Night Five

10 Myths About Spiritual Warfare & Prayer Ministry
Do You Know Who You Are?
From Brokenness & Bondage to Healing & Freedom
Rats and Garbage: Deep Wounds, Deep Healing



David and Judy McCombs
Healing Testimony

Day of Discovery Videos
(multiple videos)

Word On Fire Institute
       01 Morality and the Meaning of Life
       02 Happiness and the Good Life
       03 Virtue, Friendship, and Happiness
       04 Sin as Selfish Self-Destruction
       05 Sin, Self-Knowledge, and the Search for Meaning
       06 Happiness and Contemplation

 Book of Revelation –Verse-By-Verse Ministry – Stephen Armstrong