Dallas Willard- Hearing God, Spiritual Formation, Divine Conspiracy

Hearing God: Retreat with Renovare at St. Malo’s 2011

Making Theology of the Disciplines Practical
History and Meaning of the Disciplines
The Fruit of the Spirit as the Framework of Eternal Living

Attention to Christology and Atonement
Knowing Christ Today I: The Importance of Knowledge—not just Faith
Knowing Christ Today II: The Importance of Knowledge—not just Faith

You Were Created for Intimate Friendship with God
What Hearing God is Not
Trinitarian Fellowship: The Word, The Spirit, and Life Together

The Still Small Voice and Its Rivals
Q & A with Dallas and John: Hearing God and the Kingdom of God
Q & A with Dallas and Richard: Hearing God is a Life, more so than Guidance
Table-talk with Dallas Willard, Richard Foster and John Ortberg


The following classes were taught in 2010 at Denver Seminary:
Spiritual Formation
01 The Human Side of Holiness Part 1
02 The Human Side of Holiness Part 2
03 The Human Side of Holiness Part 3
04 Love As A Life Part 1
05 Love As A Life Part 2
06 Reality of Spirit – Visible & Invisible
07 The Gospel/Great Commission
08 Soul Rest/Transformation
09 Fruit of The Spirit/Sermon On The Mount
10 Relationship of Mind & Spirit
11 Knowledge/Grace/Discipleship
12 Change/Disciplines/Indirection
13 The Will & Discipleship
14 Disciplines
15 Disciplines & What We Can Learn
16 Life & Transformation
17 Discipleship in the Local Congregation

Divine Conspiracy  From: https://dwillard.org/divine-conspiracy-teaching-series
01 Jesus and Culture
02 What Is A Human Being
03 Ministry in the Kingdom of God
04 Kingdom Gospel
05 Salvation Confusion
06 Kingdom Salvation
07 The Beatitudes
08 Transformation
09 Church Communities
10 Kingdom Living
11 Living Without Anger
12 The Non-Condemning Community of Prayer

 DivineConspiracy-slides used in presentations above

Renovare Presentation of Spiritual Disciplines

The Theology of Spiritual Formation In Christ

Why Am I Here? The Four Great Questions of Life

Steps Forward With Grace & Into Real Progress in Christlikeness In Real Life

What is the Kingdom of God?

The Sermon on the Mount

Discipleship as Life in the Kingdom

The Parts of the Human Being

Jesus and the Human Personality

​​The Heart that Jesus Gives Us

How Disciplines Relate to the Person and Transformation

Connecting With Reality

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