Christian Healing Ministries (Judith MacNutt & Others)

Judith MacNutt
Ministry in the Power of the Holy Spirit 
Healing Our Image of God
Why A Healing Ministry
Healing Ministry and Spiritual Warfare
Sexuality, Parenting, and the Holy Spirit
The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Lee Ann Rummell
Hearing God
January 20, 2019 Generational Healing Part 1

January 27, 2019 Generational Healing Part 2 (with Ken Posley)

John Paul Jackson
Power and Authority

Dr. Drew Edwards
Understand Addictions 

Christian Healing Institute – Falls Church Anglican
Biblical Basis for Healing Rev. Kathleen Christopher
The Holy Spirit – Rev. Kathleen Christopher
Physical Healing – Chuck Cook
Inner Healing – Rev. Kathleen Christopher
Basic Deliverance – Rev. Kathleen Christopher

Dr. Tim Gray
Lectio Divina: Five Steps to Improving  Your Prayer Life

Brennan Manning
Healing our Image of God 
Our Call to Participate in the Healing Ministry
The Abba Experience
The Relentless Tenderness of Jesus

Intercessors Of The Trinity
04-28-2020 Dr. Tom Fry, MD Near Death Testimony
05-05-2020 Forgiveness Testimony
05-19-2020 Spiritual Breakthrough
05-19-2020 Testimony of Scott – Healing of Cancer – Power of Forgiveness
05-26-2020 Roadblocks to Healing Teaching
05-26-2020 Long Term Healing Testimony
06-02-2020 The Power of Prayer – Healing Testimony
06-09-2020 Ken Healing Testimony
06-16-2020 Forgiveness Testimony
06-16-2020 How To Pray
06-16-2020 Intro of Session and Prophetic Word

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