Catholic Deacon Brian and Dee Kerby have a passion to see people healed – physically, emotionally, and spiritually —


To be a healing, teaching and deliverance ministry that helps people pursue the heart of God, who promises that
“when you seek me with all your heart, you will find me with you, and I will change your lot.”
Relying on the teachings of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition,the mission of Intercessors of the Trinity is to help people encounter
God the Father, who loves us and created us for a purpose,
Jesus who heals us, and
the Holy Spirit who fills us with His power.

Through various teachings on healing and deliverance,
as well as scriptural meditations and testimony,
people are equipped to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in daily life,
learn healing through the power of prayer,
and are able to overcome spiritual, emotional and physical blocks
that keep them from walking through life with peace, joy and hope.

Intercessors Of The Trinity (Charismatic Prayer)

04_28_2020 Near Death Testimony
05_05_2020 Forgiveness Testimony – first by Leon
05_19_2020 The Power of Forgiveness – Healing of Cancer
05_26_2020 Long Term Healing Testimony
06_02_2020 The Power of Prayer – Healing From Bacterial Meningitis
06-09-2020 Ken Healing Testimony
06-16-2020 Forgiveness Testimony  – Leon second
06-23-2020 Testimony about Early IOTT meetings and learning to pray
06-23-2020 Testimony of Healing
06-30-2020 Testimony
07-07-2020 Testimony of Glen of Inner Healing
07-14-2020 Testimony of Noelle – Praying to have a child
07-21-2020 Testimony of Susan – Forgiveness Leads to Healing
07-28-2020 Testimony of David – Healing of Aortic Aneurysm 
08-04-2020 Testimony about Trauma – Carrie & Alissa – Forgiving Yourself
08-11-2020 Testimony by Mercy about Healing of Cancer and Forgiveness
08-18-2020 Testimony of Learning to Relinquish Anger Toward God – Leon and Susan
08-25-2020 Testimony of Healing by Doctors – Jeff
09-01-2020 Testimony – Putting Out Fires
09-08-2020 Testimony – Amy – Brain Cancer

05-19-2020 Spiritual Breakthrough
05-26-2020 Roadblocks to Healing
06-16-2020 How to Pray
06-16-2020 Intro and Prophetic Word
06-23-2020 Tenacious Prayer
06-30-2020 Intro and Scriptures
06-30-2020 Scriptures and Intercessory Prayer
07-07-2020 Teaching on Sacred Heart of Jesus
07-14-2020 Teaching on Praying the Perfect Prayer – The Our Father
07-21-2020 Teaching on Slumbering Spirit
07-28-2020 Teaching on Effect of “Soul Ties”
08-04=2020 Calm the Storm of Anxiety and Worry in Your Life
08-11-2020 Teaching on the Names of God
08-18-2020 Teaching on Blessing Prayer – Numbers 6: 24-26
08-25-2020 Teaching on Matthew 16: 13-20
09-01-2020 Teaching – Seven I Am’s of Jesus
09-08-2020 Teaching – Wedding at Cana

A word of prophecy is given at the start of the Intercessors of the

Trinity prayer meeting to begin the evening.
IOTT 04-2020
IOTT 05-2020
IOTT 06-2020
07-07-2020 Introduction and Prophecy Ezekiel 36:26 (Heart of Stone)
07-14-2020 Introduction and Prophecy through scripture in James
07-21-2020 Initial Prayers and Prophecy from Luke 1:37 – Nothing is impossible with God
07-28-2020 Initial Prayers and Prophecy from Ephesians 2:10
08-04-2020 Scriptures and Prophecy – Proverbs 1:33
08-11-2020 Prayers and Scripture Hebrews 4:16 – Receiving Grace
08-18-2020 Introductory Prayers and Scripture – Isaiah 41:10
08-25-2020 Prayers and Scripture – Romans 12: 2 Transforming Your      Mind
09-01-2020 Scripture Isaiah 41: 13
09-08-2020 Scripture Ephesians 5-14

IOTT Prophecy

IOTT PRAYERS Deliverance/Inner Healing


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