Catholic Deacon Brian and Dee Kerby have a passion to see people healed – physically, emotionally, and spiritually —


History and Healings Introduction

To be a healing, teaching and deliverance ministry that helps people pursue the heart of God, who promises that “when you seek me with all your heart, you will find me with you, and I will change your lot.”

Relying on the teachings of the Catholic Church, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, the mission of Intercessors of the Trinity is to help people encounter
God the Father, who loves us and created us for a purpose, Jesus who heals us, and
the Holy Spirit who fills us with His power.

Through various teachings on healing and deliverance, as well as scriptural meditations and testimony, people are equipped to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in daily life,
learn healing through the power of prayer, and are able to overcome spiritual, emotional and physical blocks that keep them from walking through life with peace, joy and hope.

Intercessors Of The Trinity 

The sessions below are included in their own yearly folders where all sessions can be viewed but are not separated by Testimony, Teaching, and Initial Prayers.  Here are the yearly folders:

All Sessions for 2020

All Sessions for 2021

All Sessions for 2022


01-04-2022 Testimonies – Shofar and Power of Prayer – The Delights of God
01-11-2022 Testimonies – Shofar, Trusting In God for Miracles, Ken & Dwayne
01-11-2022 Teaching-Testimony Jonathan Kirby – Ezekiel 37 God’s Signs and Wonders (same as under teaching below)
01-18-2022 Testimony – Shofar, Mary Ann – Healing of Cancer
01-1802922 Teaching Deacon Brian Kirby – God’s Marvelous Light 
(same as under teaching below)
01-25-2022 Testimony – Shelly – Healing of Trauma
02-01-2022 Testimony – Shofar, Dee Testimony of Praying In Hospital
02-08-2022 Testimony – Healing of Family Trauma and Pain
02-15-2022 Testimony – Healing From A Distance
02-22-2022 Testimony – Trust in God’s Providence
03-01-2022 Testimony -Karen – Prayers for Brian and Multiple Other Healings
03-08-2022 Testimony – Learning from Dying
03-15-2022 Testimony – Nothing Is Impossible with God
03-22-2022 Testimony – Compassion, Forgiveness – Cody; Prayer – Theo


01-04-2022 Teaching – Seven Steps To Your Miracle
01-11-2022 Teaching/Testimony – Ezekiel 37 God’s Signs and Wonders – Jonathan Kirby
01-18-2022 Teaching – Testimony Deacon Brian Kirby – God’s Marvelous Light
01-25-2022 Teaching – The Power of Prayer
02-01-2022 Teaching – New Wine In New Wine Skins
02-08-2022 Teaching – Lies That Can Paralyze and Destroy Healings
02-15-2022 Teaching – Finding Our Destiny
02-22-2022 Teaching – God Loves to Gives Us Signs and Wonders
03-01-2022 Teaching – Satan Has Demanded To Sift All Of You Like Wheat
03-08-2022 Teaching – Forgiveness
03-15-2022 Teaching – Dismantling the Jezebel Spirit
03-22-2022 Teaching – Salvific Love Prayer


01-04-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture – Isaiah 61 Matthew 5: 37
01-11-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture – Mark 4: 37-39
01-18-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture – 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18
01-25-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture – Psalm 34
02-01-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture – Psalms 54: 4
02-08-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture – Romans 15:13
02-15-2022 Initial Prayers, Shofar, Scripture Psalm 107: 19-21
02-22-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture – Hebrews 12:1
03-01-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture Psalm 91:9-13
03-08-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture Luke 23: 34
03-15-2022 Initial Prayers and Scripture 2 Cor 5: 20-21
03-22-2022 Initial Prayers, Shofar, and Scripture Jeremiah 1: 6-9

Deacon Kirby Advent Series 2021
Sunday 1st Week of Advent – Searching For and Maintaining Peace
Monday 1st Week – Without Me You Can Do Nothing
Tuesday 1st Week – Interior Peace
Wednesday 1st Week – Peace in Spiritual Combat
Thursday 1st Week – Peace Is Often At Stake In The Struggle
Friday 1st Week The Reasons We Lose Our Sense of Peace Are Always Bad Reasons
Saturday 1st Week The Good Will and Necessary Condition For Peace

Sunday 2nd Week Good Will Is A Sufficient Condition For Peace
Monday 2nd Week How To React To Those Who Cause Us To Lose Peace
Tuesday 2nd Week What is Lost in Your Life
Wednesday 2nd Week
Thursday 2nd Week
Friday 2nd Week
Saturday 2nd Week

Sunday 3rd Week

Monday 3rd Week

Tuesday 3rd Week

Wednesday 3rd Week

Thursday 3rd Week

Friday 3rd Week

Saturday 3rd Week

Sunday 4th Sunday of Advent

Monday 4th Week

Tuesday 4th Week

Wednesday 4th Week

Thursday 4th Week

Friday 4th Week Christmas Eve


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