Healing Prayer Sessions

These sessions have been designed to help with the many prayer needs and requests. The goal is help us to LISTEN, LEARN, LOVE AND PRAY for the needs of individuals.

The teaching sessions are offered at Christian Healing Ministries but are also available through DVD presentations  or through streaming from their site. The hope is that persons wanting to learn more about how to listen and pray would make use of these distance learning tools so that they would be more able to discern different prayer needs and use these gifts as they participate in their church Prayer and Healing Ministries.

God is the Healer and we are just one of His tools. Prayer will be available for those requesting.

Contact Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, FL. which is directed by Judith MacNutt and Francis MacNutt.

If you desire to have the sessions presented to your group in the Denver, CO area please just send a note on the prayer contact page.  The listings below are a few of the topics available.  The first column is the title of the session and the second column lists the original presenters from Christian Healing Ministries. There are many additional topics available through their web site.

Topics :                                                                                                              (Back to Table of Contents)

Baptism of the Holy Spirit Francis MacNutt
Anger Judith MacNutt
Scriptural Foundations for Healing Francis MacNutt
Introduction to Deliverance Prayer Francis MacNutt
Blessings and Curses Dale Recinella
Understanding Generational Healing Francis MacNutt
Healing of Spiritual Abuse Francis MacNutt
Healing of Sexual Abuse Sherri Grady
Conception to Birth Prayer Judith MacNutt
Healing in Marriage Judith MacNutt
Healing the Wounds of Divorce Judith MacNutt
Healing of Abortion and Miscarriage Dr. Susan Stanford
Love is a Gift Virginia McNulty
Hearing God Francis MacNutt
Healing of Addictions Judith MacNutt
Spiritual Warfare Dale Recinella
The Ministry of Angels Judith MacNutt
Intimacy and Identity Judith MacNutt
Understanding the Grieving Process Judith MacNutt
Praying for the Homosexual Francis MacNutt
Understanding Trauma in our Lives Sherri Grady
Understanding the Emotions Judith MacNutt
The Purpose of Fear Judith MacNutt
Praying for PTSD Dr Vince Rue
Healing Our Image of God Judith MacNutt
Suffering and The Need for Prayer Dale Recinella
Sin and Its Effect on Prayer Dale Recinella
Four Types of Healing Francis MacNutt
Praying for Physical Healing Francis MacNutt
The Healing Power of Forgiveness Judith MacNutt
Praying for Forgiveness Judith MacNutt
Introduction to Inner Healing Judith MacNutt
Praying for Inner Healing Judith MacNutt
Ministering to the Seriously Ill Ken Polsley
Depression Judith MacNutt
Understanding Addictions Dr Drew Edwards